The cornerstones of this band have been together for nearly 10 years.  When a drummer named Dan, and an ego maniac named Duane, met one winter day at work.  Dan had a problem at his church.  he had no ego maniac to lead the congregation in the act of worship.  Duane had been apart of leading worship in several congregations, in several different capacities over the years.  So Duane said, "OK".  

The churches changed, but Duane and Dan remained together.  Along the way, forcing Kristi to sing.  Kidnapping a young boy named Jim and making him play guitar.  While also making an old Dead Head named Mike learn to play bass.  

When they all left the church, and entered a "Church Leadership Recovery Program" at their local watering hole, they realized they had to keep playing music.  Songs were written.  Music was played.  Young children cried.  In all that they found their "sound".  

The sound they found was a combination of each persons collective musical journey.  Take a bit of SRV...add Stevie Nicks...the flow of the Dead...the fun of Kiss...and put it all on stage with Jimmy Buffett.  

Duane Gills-Guitar and Vocals

Kristi Gills-Vocals

Dan Solari-Drums

Jim O'Brien-Guitar

Mike Ryan-Bass